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Ashland Shakespearean Festival
The ghost of Actor Charles Laughton may haunt the Elizabethan Theater.  He is seen when King Lear is performed.  The ticket office was haunted by a singing ghost.  Alex Bowmer, the founder of the festival may haunt the theater named after him.

Lithia Park
May be haunted by several ghosts, including a murdered pioneer girl, a lumber jack killed in a logging accident and most strange, the ghost of a disfigured boy who was killed in the 1920s when he was found robbing cars.  Wiccans and Druids used to perform rituals in the park as well.

Southern Oregon University
Many of the University's buildings have resident spirits.  Plunkett Center witnessed a scary séance in the 1970s.  Britt Hall is haunted by the unpleasant ghost of an old janitor.  A ghostly projectionist is frequently seen in the Audio Visual booth in the second floor lecture hall there.  The basement of Suzanne Holmes dormitory is haunted by a little boy who drowned in the pooled water that accumulated when it was being built.  Taylor and Central Halls are both haunted by the protective spirit of a security guard who died while on the job.





Claude the Sea Monster
In 1937 sailors spotted a strange sea critter at the mouth of the Columbia River.

Fire Station Museum
Former Uppertown fire station haunted by ghost of sleepwalking firefighter who fell down pole.

Ft. Stevens State Park
An old Navy watchman may still walk his route around the old shore battery gun emplacements.

 The Astoria Chamber of Commerce may be able to direct you toward some of the haunts like Ft. Stevens and the Flavel House, which I was told... was not haunted




Cannon Beach

Bandage Man
A phantom figure dressed in bloody bandages jumps in the back of trucks on the coast highway.

Indian Beach
Two hikers on the trail at Ecola State Park experienced a time slip episode.




Cave Junction

Oregon Caves Lodge
The disappointed bride and ghost Elisabeth haunts the lodge.  She usually torments the staff.





Camp Adair
The Historical Museum may be haunted by a departed soldiers.  Some of the German soldiers who were kept at Camp Adair during World War II died in an infirmary there.  They may also remain behind.

Conser Lake
The site of a UFO hunt in the late 1950s and again in 1950.  Rumors of a furry space alien still persist.  I would advise anyone against crossing private land to reach the dried up lake..




Depoe Bay

Drake In Oregon 
Not strictly speaking a ghost, some people believe that Francis Drake landed in Whale Cove, just south of Depoe Bay.  Housing developments are quickly covering the area, so Drake's Camp, if it existed there may now be gone. 

Spouting Horn Restaurant
The Spouting Horn has served as a boarding house, Coast Guard Station and finally a restaurant.  It is haunted by the spirit of a burly sailor who hangs out in the upstairs bar.





South Eugene High School
School auditorium may be haunted by ghost of a student who fell from the attic in the 1950s. 




Gold Hill

The Oregon Vortex
This is an interesting mix of earth energies and optical illusions.




Grants Pass

Crater Lake
A Native American sacred site, the Lodge is also haunted




Lincoln City

The Captain Cook Inn in Lincoln City is not haunted but is ghost hunter friendly.  I usually stay there when I am in Lincoln City.  The managers, Tim and Veronica are ghost hunters themselves and sometimes they offer ghost hunter discounts.  

Devil's Lake State Park
There is a lake monster who took a canoe of Native American warriors shortly after the time of Lewis and Clark.  Other legends say that it takes at least one soul a year. 

Ghost Ship
A ghostly sailing ship has been seen several times sailing up Schooner Creek, on the (now) silted up Siletz Bay in South Lincoln City.

Haunted Fire Station
The working fire station next to the IGA, houses the haunted Devil's Lake fire engine, who wanders the fire station.  The ghost is that of a firefighter who had a heart attack on a call in the 1950s.  It is not open as a tourist attraction, so look but please don't go knocking on the door.

North Lincoln County Historical Museum
The museum is housed in the old fire station.  It is hard to tell whether it is haunted by old-time firefighters or the exhibits are haunted.  Don't play the organ on the second floor.

Wildflower Grill
Historic Lincoln City home converted into a restaurant.  Haunted by spirit of a friendly woman and maybe an old man.





Hotel Oregon
Built in 1905, the hotel was used a by a declining clientele until the McMenamins bought it in 1998.  John "The Ghost" appeared in the 1980s and may be a long-term resident who died there.  He's seen in the first two floors and felt in the basement bar.   





Neahkahnie Mountain
Is located in Oswald State Park.  The mountain was sacred to many Native Americans.  In more recent years, treasure hunters have dug up the land searching for a legendary Spanish treasure.  Many of died when their holes collapsed on them.  Is this the mountain taking revenge?





Oar House Bed & Breakfast
A suicidal housemaid haunts this former brothel, made from the planks of shipwrecks.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
Located in Newport, it is hard to tell if this lighthouse is haunted by an urban legend or a murdered girl.  Many visitors have reported seeing strange lights here after dark.  A hitchhiker reported talking to the girl.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Located north of Newport, there may be two ghosts haunting this lighthouse.  One is a worker who fell into the hollow wall during construction.  His body was never recovered.  The other is a Lighthouse Keeper who had a heart attack while climbing the stairs to tend the light.





Busick Court Restaurant
Unconfirmed reports of ghosts haunting this place.

Mission Mill Museum
Is it the building or the exhibits that are haunted here?  I recently heard Children's voices coming from the Jason Lee House.  When I investigated, the building was empty.

Oregon's Governor's Mansion
The first floor of this once private mansion has a reputation of being haunted.  Tours are not open to ghost hunters.  The new Governor may feel differently about the paranormal.

Rozelli's B&B
Fine Italian restaurant on the first floor of this supposedly haunted old rooming house.  No confirmed reports from the management at this time.

The State Theater
Again, is is the emotions of patrons that echo in the old theater, or some past tragedy?.

Thompson Road House
Former residence, now a McMenamin’s club, haunted by eccentric former owner, who has been seen, heard and felt.  Electronics affected.





Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
There are strange stories about this isolated lighthouse, now a repository cremated remains. The engineer who was hired to build the lighthouse was swept off the island.  Frequent storms kept the Lighthouse Keepers isolated and maybe a bit stir crazy.




Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek Inn
Wolf Creek is an old stagecoach stop located in Southern Oregon.  It was a stopover point for Hollywood types like Clark Gable and authors such as Jack London, who may haunt the second floor, near his old room.





Haceta Head Lighthouse
Now a B&B, this historic lighthouse has an active ghost; the spirit of a past Keeper's wife.  She has appeared to several people and tries to keep the place tidy. 





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