The stories contained in this web page, as well as in any community, are valued for no other reason than that they have come from people willing enough to share their experiences with supernatural phenomena. Some of the information passed on from these people are to be respected as personal testimony, other information as chapters from family histories; any individual's encounter with the supernatural is no doubt a very personal, often frightening, experience, no matter how tangible to the human mind.

 In order to make this possible, it was the generosity of these people to share their stories; in order to keep this website interesting (and if you live in Washington or Oregon), I invite you to share your experiences with us, in order that your stories may be added to this website and to the rich history of the Pacific Northwest. Also, if any of the readers have any more information on the stories and places on this website, please contact us. 

If you do have a ghost story to contribute, please include as much information as possible. 

It may take a few days to a week or two to reply to any emails, since I will be out of the country.  Please have patience with me.  I have been telling everyone not to blame me, BLAME THE TERRORISTS!!!

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