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191 fully illustrated, fully bound pages of anecdotes and hauntings from Washington and Oregon.

-=| $12.95 |=-
Table of Contents

Introduction What is a ghost? | Chance and coincidence vs. the paranormal | Ockham's Razor

Native American Ghosts Sacred Mountains| Burial grounds and ghostly guardians | Chief Umtuch and Tum Tum Mt. | Shamans and spirits

The Portland Basin Battle Ground | Cornelius | Portland | Vancouver | The Vancouver Barracks

Western Oregon Salem | Springfield

Western Washington and the Puget Sound Bellevue | Centralia | Everett | Fort Lewis | Morton | Olympia | Port Townsend | Renton | Seattle | Skyhomish | Steilacoom | Tacoma | Whidbey Island

Eastern Washington Colbert | Spokane

The Columbia River Gorge Stonehenge near Goldendale | Grants Pass | Troutdale

Eastern Oregon Baker City | Pendleton | Seneca

The Northwest Coast Astoria | Bandon | Newport

Strange Critters Mythological Native American critters | Bigfoot: Early explorers, kidnapping, doubts about Bigfoot on film | the sea monster named "Claude" | a spirit snake|

Some Thoughts on Ghost Hunting Natural phenomena mistaken for hauntings | Infrasounds | Summoning the dead through music | Psychic fraud and spiritualist churches | scrying or visions

190 fully illustrated, fully bound pages of anecdotes and hauntings from Washington and Oregon.

-=| $12.95 |=-
Table of Contents

Introduction What is a ghost? | Chance and coincidence vs. the paranormal | The stream of time|

Native American Ghosts Sacred Mountains| Burial grounds and ghostly guardians | Chief Umtuch and Tum Tum Mt. | Shamans and spirits

The Portland Basin Portland | Vancouver | The Vancouver Barracks |

Western Oregon Ashland | Crater Lake | The Oregon Vortex | Salem |

Western Washington and the Puget Sound Bellevue | Centralia | Everett | Morton | Olympia | Port Townsend | Seattle | Skyhomish | Tacoma | Whidbey Island

Eastern Washington Spokane | The Tri-Cities

The Columbia River Gorge The Cape Horn Grange | Hood River | Troutdale | Welches |

Eastern Oregon Baker City | Burns | Shaniko |

The Northwest Coast Astoria | Coos Bay | Newport | Seaview | Tokeland |

Strange Critters Mythological Native American critters | Bigfoot | Cryptozoology | Rain of Salamanders |

Some Thoughts on Ghost Hunting Natural phenomena mistaken for hauntings | Ghost photographs |

222 pages

-=| $15.95 |=-

New in September 2010, a revision of my popular book, listing  many of the haunted public places that I have heard of in the last 15 years. The haunted locales range from hotels, to bed & breakfasts, to restaurants, to museums . In my other books, I only discussed Washington and Oregon. Here, I include haunted places in British Columbia.

It is divided by geographic sections: The first section begins with the southern end of the coast. The listing continues northward through Washington. The next section is southern British Columbia. The guide then moves south, into the Puget Sound. It continues south through the Portland Basin and Willamette Valley, then east through the Columbia River Gorge and eastern Washington and Oregon.

There are nearly 200 locales in this book. They are generally listed in alphabetical order. In the case of cities with several hauntings, such as Seattle, the haunts are divided into sections: Places to Stay; Restaurants, Clubs and Theaters; and Shops, Sights and Sounds.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements . . . 3

Table of Contents . . . 4

About This Tour Guide . . . 5

What is a Ghost . . . 9

The Northwest Coast . . . 11

Yachats , Newport, Depoe Bay,  Lincoln City, Nehalem, Wheeler, Canon Beach, Astoria, Knappton, Seaview, Menlo , Tokeland, Aberdeen, Quinault

British Columbia . . . 42

Burnaby, New Westminster, Port Moody, Vancouver, Victoria

The Puget Sound . . . 68

Bellingham , Everett, Coupeville, Roche Harbor, Orcas, Island, Port Townsend, Renton, Seattle, Snohomish, Skykomish, Steilacoom, Tacoma, Olympia, Centralia,  Silver Lake, Morton

The Portland Basin and Willamette Valley 121

Ashland, Cave Junction, Gold Hill, Wolf Creek, Crater Lake, Salem, McMinnville, Forest Grove, Oregon City,  Portland, Vancouver , Vancouver Barracks, Camas

The Columbia River Gorge . . 184

Cape Horn, Carson, White Salmon,  Goldendale, Trout Lake, Troutdale, Welches , Hood River 

Eastern Oregon & Washington . . 200

Heppner, Frenchglen, Redmond, Pendleton, Baker City, Bend, Spokane, Pasco,Yakima, Ellensburg, Ritzville

Index . . . 217

192 fully illustrated, fully bound pages of anecdotes and hauntings from Washington and Oregon.

-=| $13.95 |=-
Table of Contents . . . . 9


Introduction . . . . . 11

What is a ghost? | Types of ghosts | Ghosts in space and time | Ghost hunting as a science


I Sacred Places. . . . . 22

Messages from beyond | Cape Arago near Coos Bay | Nehalem’s Neahkahnie Mountain | Stevenson | Sunnyside


II The Portland Basin . . . 34

Portland | Ridgefield


III Western Oregon . . . 65

Corvallis | Klamath Falls | Keno | Roseburg


IV Western Washington and Puget Sound 76

Bellevue | Fort Lewis | Olympia | Rainer | San Juan Islands | Seattle | Tacoma | Seattle | Whidbey Island


V The Columbia River Gorge and Eastern Washington . . . . 120

Bingen | Kennewick | Selah | Spokane


VI Eastern Oregon . . . . 128

Heppner | Moro


VII The Northwest Coast . . . 134

Aberdeen | Lincoln City | Seaview


VIII Strange Critters . . . . 149

The Rock Lake Monster | Mutant Fish in Oregon | Disappearing Livestock


IX Some Thoughts on Ghosthunting . 154

Paranormal Investigating on the Internet | Linking up with ghosthunters | Ghost Walks | Digital Cameras and ghost hunting | Ghost Orb photographs | White Noise and Electronic Voice Phenomenon | How radio works and White Noise does not


Index . . . . . . 184

318 pages

-=| $19.95 |=-
From the same people who brought you Weird New Jersey, and the other books in the Weird U.S. series. Joanne Austin contacted ghost experiencers across the United States, for their true haunted stories. She compiled stories about a variety of different hauntings, in unique settings. The book has eight chapters, including, Haunted Houses, Terrifying Travels, Historic Haunts, Otherworldly Outdoors, Ghostly Graveyards, Hostel Environments, Eerie Eateries, School Ghouls, and Institutional Apparitions. Artist Ryan Doan richly illustrated this book using a mix of color and pictures provided by story authors, and original artwork.

Jeff Davis provided three stories used in this book. On page 90, in A Famous Market’s Spirits, he describes some of the strange goings on a Seattle’s Pike Place Market. On page 206, he relates the story of the little girl who may haunt the attic spaces of an old house, at the Edgefield. Finally, on page 232, in the sailor and his friends, Jeff’s psychic friend Janet has one final meeting with a ghostly sailor who continued to inhabit his home, even after it became a restaurant.

96 Pages

-=| $10.95 |=-
Ghost Tourists Discount:
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This book is meant to be the first in a series of collected ghost stories from in and around Portland, Oregon.  Volume I’s focus is primarily on historic haunts on the oldest parts of Portland, on the west bank of the Willamette River.  These include stories of lost graveyards, Shanghaii tunnels, and Portland’s many flamboyant personalities.  Most of these locations are now restaurants, bars, office buildings, or other retail stores.  In addition to these places, this volume includes stories on some of Portland’s more famous haunts from other location.  These include the White Eagle Saloon, Pittock Mansion, and the former location of the KWJJ Radio station.

The following stories have appeared in earlier Jefferson Davis books, © 1997 – 2001: The Crystal Ballroom, The Benson Hotel, The Heathman Hotel, The Noisy Ghosts of Piggot’s Castle, KWJJ is on the Air, and Pittock Mansion.  Some elements of stories from the following places have appeared in other Jefferson Davis works: Old Town Pizza, Dan and Louis Oyster Bar, Kell’s Irish Pub, The White Eagle Saloon, © 1997 – 2001:

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements.... I

Table of Contents ...... II  Introduction.....  5

Founding Portland and its Ghosts..... 7

Native Americans and diseases traditions * Founding Portland * Shanghai Tunnels * The Oregon Trail * Portland Graveyards South Old Town Portland.....18

Crystal Ballroom * Hotel Vintage Plaza * U.S. Bank Ghost * Benson Hotel * Joe Hill’s Ashes * Dan and Louis Oyster Bar * Kell’s Irish Pub * Mama Mia’s * The Morrison Bridge * Heathman Hotel

North Old Town Portland..... 49

Erickson’s Saloon * Cabaret Lounge * Dixie Tavern * Hoodoo Antiques * Oregon Leather Company * Old Town Pizza* Powell’s World of Books

Outside Downtown Portland Proper           70  

Piggot’s Castle * KWJJ Radio Station * Pittock Mansion

The Willamette and East Portland..... 76

The Steel Bridge * White Eagle Saloon


Index.....   90



96 Pages

-=| $9.95 |=-
Jeff Davis wrote this 96 page book in celebration of the Third Annual Pacific Northwest Ghosthunters Conference in Astoria, Oregon, in November 2006. Jeff gathered stories on the Astoria area from his previous books, but also visited Astoria several times, finding new stories of haunted locales.

There are tales of ghostly sailors, still lingering in their old homes, like Captain George Flavel. Then there is Fort Stevens, where old soldiers have still not faded away. At the Liberty theater, perhaps some of the stage ghosts are still active. Astoria burned to the ground not once, but twice, and perhaps a firefighter or two remains watchful at the Uppertown Firehouse Museum. There are strange sea critters, haunted hotels, B&B’s and restaurants, as well as a ghostly lady at Knappton Cove.

In addition to his own experiences, Jeff worked with the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma; AGHOST for insight on many of the more spectacular hauntings. These include the Officer’s Inn B&B, the Rosebriar Inn, and the Liberty Theater.

Table of Contents

 Foreword        4

 Table of Contents      5

 Chapter 1        The History of Astoria    6

     Native American traditions * Lewis and Clark *  Fur Traders* Fishers and Foresters * 

Chapter 2 Ghost ships and Sea Monsters           16

     Phantom Ships * Peter Iredale * Claude the sea monster

 Chapter 3 Uppertown           25

     Uppertown Fright * Firefighter’s Museum *  Ghostly Sailor

 Chapter 4 Astoria and Uniontown           32

     Flavel House * Eagles Lodge * Liberty Theater *  Owens Adair Apartments * Hotel Elliott * Astoria  Heritage  Museum * Cemetery Ghosts * Rosebriar Inn * Victorian Lady * The Lion

Chapter 5 Warrenton and Hammond           67

     Fort Stevens * Officer’s Inn

Chapter 6 Other Haunts Nearby           79

     Lamplighter Inn * Knappton Pest House *  Bandage Man * Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Index           89 .


50 minutes

-=| $24.95 |=-
This is the episode of Haunted History, which looks at the Pacific Northwest. Jeff Davis was one of the creative consultants for this episode. This video took the Haunted History film crew to Portland's White Eagle Tavern, where a lady of the night may haunt the upper floor, while a bartended may still keep order on the ground floor. At Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, they may have found a ghostly priest, and at the Vancouver Barracks, a forgotten cemetery. In Seattle, they learned of a lost gold miner in the city's Underground Tours, and at Haceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast, a mother still searched for her lost child.

Producer/Director Joshua Alper was available to autograph some copies of this DVD.  Joshua worked on several episodes of Haunted History, Unsolved Mysteries, and was nominated for an Emmy for his History Channel documentary, Benjamin Franklin.

50 minutes

-=| $24.95 |=-
Since 1884, Bigfoot has provoked controversy within the scientific community as the most-sighted mythical beast in the world. Is he real, or merely a popular legend passed on through the generations? Venture deep into the Pacific Northwest on this amazing search for Bigfoot, which cuts through the dense forest of dubious sightings, commercialization, and outright fraud to uncover the truth about the great ape-like creature. Tracing reports back thousands of years, this highly entertaining and enlightening program examines the mystery of the beast the Indians knew only as “Sasquatch.” Narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

Although this documentary was produced several years ago, it is still one of the best researched videos on Bigfoot.

50 minutes

-=| $24.95 |=-
While a general fear of witches seems to be woven deep within the human psyche, witchcraft and magic have been interpreted in different ways by different cultures throughout the ages. Some cultures and religions have deemed the practitioners of witchcraft to be evil, while others harness a more positive perspective on the power of the witch. What exactly are these controversial and mysterious powers? Why were witches hunted down so mercilessly during the European witch trials of the Middle Ages? And what were the actual motivations behind the famous seventeenth-century witch hunt in Salem, Massachusetts.

50 minutes

-=| $14.95 |=-

On Sale Now.  This program was $24.95, now on sale:  $14.95.

From the incoming Puritan settlers, 17th-century New England was a place filled with fear and uncertainty. It was an environment that-coupled with a backdrop of religious extremism-bred an anxiety so intense it ultimately turned deadly. As a result of the 1692 Salem witch trials, 19 men and women were hanged and one man was “pressed” to death following the untenable accusations made by several young girls from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. When the hysteria finally subsided and new community leaders cam to power, apologies were made and in 1711 legislation was passed that offered some financial restitution to the families of the victims.

50 minutes

-=| $14.95 |=-

On Sale Now.  This program was $24.95, now on sale:  $14.95.

Every October 31, Pint-sized ghouls and goblins wander through neighborhoods knocking on doors and asking for treats… little do they know they’re actually carrying out an ancient tradition dating back thousands of years. Join Harry Smith of CBS’s The Early Show as he leads this 3,000 year expedition through the history of the characterically pagan holiday of Halloween. Discover ho the “trick-or-treat” custom originated during the harvest festivals in ancient Ireland when food and sweets were used to coax the dead into remaining in the spirit world. Learn how Christianity tried to co-opt the celebration by turning it into All Saints Day, but how the underlying-and sometimes controversial-dark elements of the holiday have survived.

50 minutes

-=| $14.95 |=-

On Sale Now.  This program was $24.95, now on sale:  $14.95.

In this chilling program from THE HISTORY CHANNEL, meet several families who claim their homes have been the site of some very mysterious and terrifying activity. Find out how these people have death with these disturbances-and learn of one case in which a family has spent years unsuccessfully trying to get away from the spirits they say haunt their everyday lives. Interviews with psychologists, parapsychologists, and so-called “ghostbusters” offer up varying explanations for the strange happenings, while video footage of séances and photographs of supposed energy and even ghost-like countenances highlight the lengths people have gone to in order to solve the puzzle of these HAUNTINGS.

50 minutes

-=| $9.95 |=-
A&E :Poltergeist: 

The name invokes images of vengeful spirits and brings to mind some of the most memorable horror movies ever.  But what is a poltergeist-is it a demon, a ghost, or perhaps the manifestation of the psychic energy of a living person?

 POLTERGEIST: investigates four distinct case of paranormal incidents, in which there is undeniable, physical evidence that something happened: the actual world was affected.  But by what?  Dramatic reenactments and chilling interviews with victims illuminate the terrifying encounters, exposing minute details.  Listen as psychics and scientists grapple with strange phenomena and journey to the sites where poltergeists are said to have appeared, from a Kentucky honky-tonk to ancient British Universities.

50 minutes

-=| $24.95 |=-
November 13, 1974. The idyllic Long Island town of Amityville sleeps peacefully, wholly unaware of the tragedy that is about to disrupt and devastate their community. At about 3:15am that morning, using a high-powered hunting rifle, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo, Jr., systematically murdered his entire family in their beds. Thirteen months after the tragedy, the house’s new owners claimed that they had been terrorized and driven out by evil spirits. Over thirty years later, troubling questions surrounding the murders still remain. AMITYVILLE: THE HAUNTING attempts to separate fact from fiction while investigation the reasons to separate fact from fiction while investigating the reasons why the DeFeo family tragedy so quickly became the subject of a best-selling novel and countless popular horror films.

61 minutes

-=| $9.99 |=-
Join the hunt for star haunts and hauntings in and around the city of broken dreams-Hollywood, California. Find out the details of the odd pilgrimages and observances held at celebrity gravesites, the eerie accounts of strange studio haunts, the unusual tales of ghostly disturbances at the mansions of the stars, and the spooky sightings of apparitions on the Grey Ghost herself, the legendary luxury liner, the Queen Mary. With this DVD, you have a unique backstage pass to the studio lots, the crypts, the tombstones, the cemeteries, and the homes of some of Hollywood’s most notable characters, ranging from Bugsy Seigel and Rudolph Valentino to Harry Houdini and Marilyn Monroe.

130 minutes

-=| $9.99 |=-
The International Society for Paranormal Research has been active since it was founded in Los Angeles in 1972This disk contains videos of two ISPR documentaries filmed in Great Britain. The first, ISPR Investigates Ghosts of England, won a 1999 Telly Award and the second, ISPR Investigates Ghosts of Belgrave Hall won the 2002 Best Documentary Award at the Screamfest International Film Festival in Hollywood.
ISPR Investigates Ghosts of England, Jack the Ripper, History’s greatest unsolved crimes. T his gruesome trail of blood continues to lead Scotland Yard and modern historians through London’s East End killing grounds. Tongue Hall, built in the 1590’s, this Elizabethan mansion house a legacy of lost souls. Family secrets that span the ages are guarded by generations of aggressive phantoms. From Beyond, laid to rest after a long battle with cancer, the body of a young mother sheds a final tear, but her spirit lingers, continuing to watch over her family from beyond.
ISPR Investigates Ghosts of Belgrave Hall, Leicester, UK, December 1998: The world’s news media reports that surveillance cameras at famed Belgrave Hall have recorded a ghostly apparition in the north gardens. An elaborate hoax? Or is this the first videotaped proof of life after death? Dr. Larry Montz and the ISPR team are called in to uncover the truth.
The haunted corridors of this eighteenth century mansion are opened exclusively for the world’s most celebrated field investigation team. Walk with them as they meet the ghosts of Belgrave Hall and continue to shed new light in the field of parapsychology.

100 minutes

-=| $9.95 |=-
The History Channel: Vampire Secrets
At the mention of the word "vampire," images of bloody fangs, dark capes, and a man with a hideous, spooky laugh immediately come to mind.

These conventional images, born from countless vampire films over the years, are most commonly associated with Irish writer Bram Stoker and his iconic 1897 novel Dracula.  THE HISTORY CHANNEL uncovers the ancient folkloric origins of blood-craving creatures from beyond the grave.  Learn how the vampire myth is strongly rooted in Eastern European lore, but how it has also played a prominent role in the ancient cultures of Greece and China.

82 minutes

-=| $12.95 |=-
This documentary was originally filmed in 1974, but is still interesting because of its content, Dracula, and host; Christopher Lee. Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains of the Transylvanian region of Romania is the castle that once was the stronghold of Vlad Dracula. Indeed, Dracula did exist, but unlike the blood-sucking monster of popular myth, the real Dracula was a fifteenth century prince who tortured and killed thousands-savagely impaling his vitimes on sharpened spikes.
Christopher Lee (the actor who has portrayed the vampire more times than any other) traces the roots of the Dracula legend back to their horrifying historical origins. Based on the best-selling book by Raymond McNally and Radu Florescu, IN SEARCH OF DRACULA exposes the fictional monster and his real-life counterpart, “Vlad the Impaler,” while also showing for the first time on film the infamous borgo Pass, vampire bats feasting on blood and exorcism rites for the undead.

While this website is devoted to true ghost stories and experiences, we have a certain fondness for horror movies; usually movies that are considered cult classics, or which try to portray the paranormal in a serious way.  As time goes on we will add more to our catalog.

78 minutes

-=| $9.95 |=-

City of the Dead was filmed in England and released in 1960 under that title in Europe.  In America, it was released as Horror Hotel.  The film is in 1.66:1 widescreen format. Typical of the genre, they were on a low budget, but did great things with lighting and casting.  Many of the actors, including Christopher Lee put on very good American accents, because the movie was set in the United States.  The plot is fairly simple: in the 1600s, several witches were burned at the stake, but resurrected by the Devil, they live on, so long as they make human sacrifices every year.  In 1960, and unsuspecting female college student arrives in town, and disappears, and her family searched for her.

There are some interesting scenes, where the producers tried to reproduce an authentic Malt Shop.  And what does the average college coed wear under her dressing gown?  Even more interesting is a 45 minute interview with Christopher Lee, where he talks about this movie and his career.  His discussion includes his early days at Hammer Studios, as well as Lord of the Rings.  He and the director also provide separate audio commentary. 

95 minutes

-=| $9.95 |=-

The Legend of Hell House is another great thriller produced in England, which uses limited special effects and dialogue to build suspense about hauntings at the old Belasco house.  Many people refer to the place as the Mount Everest of haunted Houses.  In the past, several teams of psychic investigators visited there, and most were killed or driven insane, except B.F. Fisher, played by Roddy McDowell.  Throughout the movie, the producers introduce many theories about the paranormal, including types of hauntings, electromagnetic radiation, and the nature of the human soul.  It still holds up well after over 30 years.





Copyright © 1996-2001 by Jeff Davis | Maintained by J. Davis