About Jeff Davis

Photo courtesy of Robb Photogrpahy


Jeff Davis was born in Vancouver, Washington in 1962. According to family tradition he is related to his namesake, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy. Jeff is an Army brat who grew up playing in and around the Vancouver Barracks. This led to an interest in the military and history. Late night horror movies led to an interest in ghosts, mythology, and archaeology.

Jeff spent 32 years in the US Army and Army Reserves, where he went from being a Private in the Infantry to a Major and military historian.  He served in Bosnia, Italy, Japan, Korea, and far too many 'Stans' to name here.

As an archaeologist, Jeff has a Bachelors degree in anthropology from Portland State University.  Jeff moved to England for a year where he earned his MA in Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. His thesis topic was the lifestyle of the Viking settler in Greenland.  For several years Jeff worked for the U.S. Forest Service as an archaeologist in the Gifford Pinchot, the Boise, the Umatilla, and Mt. Hood National Forests.

After Jeff retired from the army, he taught at Clark College for three years, until downsizing caught up with him.  He is active in preserving the military heritage of the Vancouver Barracks.  He and others formed the Vancouver Barracks Military Association (VBMA)  www.vbma.us   He divorced in 2014 and lives with his two cats.