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Special Friends Links



The staff at the Clark County Historical Museum provide a variety of tours of the City of Vancouver, as well as surrounding communities.  In the Fall, they give ghost walks of Vancouver USA itself.  Please see their website for tour information.  





The Historic Trust, who manages the portions of the Vancouver Barracks, owned by the City of Vancouver offers a variety of tours of the Barracks, as well as the Providence Academy.  Please visit their website for more information on their interpretive program.




For those people who have a little trouble getting around, or who are looking for more of a party atmosphere, the Vancouver Couv Cyle offers that with a variety of tours around the Vancouver area.  Please visit their website for more information.


Discovering the History of Your Home is an article written by John Chilson.  This article details how to find out about the history of a house.  The article was written specifically for restoration efforts, but the same historic information could be useful to ghost hunters.



Radio and Television Links


  Coast to Coast AM.   For those of you not familiar with Coast to Coast AM, this is Art Bell's radio program, revamped and renewed since his retirement.  They offer streaming audio for a nominal monthly fee.

Travel and Tourism links

Oregon Vacations.com is another great website for people traveling and vacationing in Oregon, whether they are looking for a haunted vacation or not.  There are listings for 30 of the best vacation spots and current climate data as well.

Ghost in my Suitcase Haunted Travel Guides  If you are planning a ghost hunting holiday you might think about visiting this website for advice.  They have lots of very interesting books from around the world.  They have reviewed my books and posted a review and recommendation.

www.HauntedHoneymoon.com I think that even if you are not on your honeymoon the ideas these folks have will help you plan something, .

Camille's restaurant in Victoria, British Columbia has a ghost who is detected by the scent of his cigar.

The Captain Whidbey Inn in Coupeville, Whidbey Island is haunted by the ghost of a woman who wanders the halls and a back bungalow.

The guides at Fort Nisqually in Tacoma can be persuaded to talk about their resident spirits.  Sometimes.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse on the southern Oregon Coast is one of the more famous haunted B&Bs on the coast.

The McMenamins brewery and hospitality company owns several different haunted locales.  Sometimes they post stories about some of their ghosts.

At Northwest Museum of Legend and Lore  Philip and Charlette have spent years collecting  information on all aspects of the paranormal and related subjects like UFOs and cryptozoology.  

Pike Place Market in Seattle has several ghosts.  The market offers daily tours, and sometimes the guides talk about the spirits.

The Roche Harbor Resort in the Puget Sound is beautiful and a little eerie too.  An old time nanny my haunt the hotel, but the eerie part is the McMillin family tomb nearby.


 Tacoma Public Library's Northwest History Databases   Databases of electronic texts of historical documents and data; includes a place names database, ships and shipping, and "unsettling events" in Washington's state history.

The Astoria/Warrenton Chamber of Commerce may be able to direct you toward some of the haunts like Ft. Stevens and the Flavel House, which I was told... was not haunted

The Hood River area has some interesting places to stay and see.

Oregon Historical Society

Oregon City History

Wild About the NW is a great website managed by Karen Gilb.  Karen lives in the Vancouver/Portland area and for several years, managed a local bookstore.  Her website contains articles on interesting, unusual locations across the Pacific Northwest.  However, due to the location of her home base, she has a special emphasis in the Vancouver area.




Beyond Bizarre Ghost Tour of Portland.  Part of Portland Walking tours.  This tour is given by some of Portland's most knowledgeable historians and tour guides.  They also have a Shanghai Tunnel Tour.  Hint.

Discover the Past conducts interesting ghost walks of Victoria, British Columbia

Ghostly Gastown gives tours of Vancouver British Columbia

Jack the Ripper, as guided by Philip Hutchinson

The Market Ghost Tour has been giving ghost walks in and around Seattle's Pike Place Market for several years.

Northwest Ghost Tours does more than tours of Oregon City. They perform paranormal investigations, and provide education to other ghost hunters and the general public

Carla Boullion's Phantoms, Facts, and Folklore, giving ghost walks of the New Orlean's area for many years.

Port Townsend, WA ghost walk:  Historical, Hysterical, Haunted

Private Eye Tours of Seattle takes people on a trip through the scarier and seamier side of Seattle.  Instead of a hearse, their tour vehicle is a bright red van.  Lots of anecdotes of past celebrities, and a video too.

Salem's Haunted History Tour, given by Spirit Expeditions. 

Shanghai Tunnel Tours of Portland given by guides from the Cascade Geographic Society.

Spooked in Seattle Ghost tours of Seattle.  They have a Haunted Pub Tour, Pioneer Square Walking Tour, specialty tours like a Capitol Hill Bus Tour, and an interesting business space, which includes a learning center and Death Museum

Terrified in Tacoma ghost walk, affiliated with Spooked in Seattle Tours


Northwest Ghost Hunters

There are plenty of new paranormal investigation groups in the Pacific Northwest.  Here are the ones I know about so far.

A.G.H.O.S.T.: the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle (and) Tacoma.  Interesting web site and a very involved group of people.  I've attended their meetings and they are friendly and very fun!

ASEP, the Autonomous Studies of the Paranormal is very active in the Portland area and beyond.



John Adams and Discover the Past conduct ghost walks throughout Victoria British Columbia.

The Columbia River Gorge has a new paranormal investigation group, for those of you who brave spirits as well as the cold east wind  www.columbiagorgeparanormal.com  


An open minded skeptics view of the paranormal and ghosts, what they may be and if there is any danger to the living.





Ghosts of North Portland is a premier website documenting the haunts of the North Portland Neighborhood by Michael Ball.  A great guy and skillful webmaster.

13th Door Haunted Attraction  Raymond Lakoti set out to create a recreational haunted house for children.  It lives...

Idaho Ghost Hunters website has some interesting graphics and experiences


NOPI, the North Oregon Paranormal Investigators  I am an honorary member.



Northwest Paranormal Investigations Active since 1993 researching the paranormal in the United States, emphasizing on the Pacific Northwest. Research is done on a scientific level with the purpose of bringing greater knowledge and verifiable proof to the research community.


Oregon Paranormal Investigations (OPI.) "We are a small group that is very serious, and good at what we do."  


The Paranormal & Occult Research Team and I have exchanged a few emails.  Interesting folks.




Ghost Hunters Serving: Seattle , Tacoma , King County Pierce County , Washington State



RIP or Rawksoul Investigations of the Paranormal operates in the Portland, Vancouver area.

The Society for Paranormal Investigation has member organizations active in Seattle, Washington D.C., Dallas-Fort Worth and lately, New Orleans.

The Salem Spirit Trackers are actually based in Keizer, but as they say, that's close enough.  They are one of the few groups based south of Portland

The Spokane Ghost Trackers have also appeared, and are active in the Spokane area.

The Spokane Paranormal Team go on many investigations in the Spokane area and are here to serve our community. We do not charge our clients any fees as we want to help anyone who is in need of our services. 


The Trails End Paranormal Society is based out of Oregon City and are very serious about what they do.



Valley Entities Investigation League, or VEIL investigates in the Puget Sound and beyond.


WREMS Curious_Country  is located on the Southern Oregon Coast, where Ann Fillmore and her folks are not only interested in ghosts, but UFOs, magical critters and weather anomalies.  Oh, and WREMS stands for Waking REM State.

More great ghost hunters in the Puget Sound area, and east into the Cascades.  Jill, Darren, Patricia and many other friends.


ho has helped us get to this point and I hope to work with all of you in future activity's



North American  Haunted Locales

 The American Hauntings has their own publications, rules and affiliates across the United States.  Including Washington

Dagulf's Ghosts  Ghost hunting in and around the Texas area, with lots of stories, links and merchandise.

Ghostsandstories.com  is a haunted website full of ghosts and ghost stories. Frightening fun for all ages. Page after page to entertain, thrill and educate. Read the stories and help keep the spirits happy!

Haunted Rooms if you are looking for a haunted hotel or B&B to stay in.

The International Ghost Hunter Society (IGHS) is the nations largest group of ghost hunters, with affiliates all over the world

The Memphis - Mid South Ghost Hunters is the oldest paranormal investigation team in the Memphis and West Tennessee area.

Michigan ParaHaunt Paranormal Researchers have been around for 15 plus years.  In addition to "normal" paranormal investigations, they also investigate potential demon hauntings in their area.



Paranormal News -- Your Source for UFO and Paranormal Related Information  Just like it says, a very interesting website.

The Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society An informative site covering the ghosts of the Toronto area.

 True Ghost Stories of the Southwest    is similar to my own website, where it's author Antonio Garlez has written several books on ghosts in the southwest, and shares some stories as well as selling his books.  If you are interested in that part of the country, I encourage you to visit.

Voices in the Wind This website has a great collection EVPs.

Your Ghost Stories contains articles about ghosts and famous hauntings, real ghost pictures and a section for people to share their real ghost experiences.

The Rest of the World Haunted Locales

Castle of Spirits  Rowena Gilbert, Mistress of the Castle began collecting thousands of ghost stories in her website as well as an excellent e-gift shop.  She was also an  executive in her own ghost hunting organization. I exchanged emails with Rowena for several years before she passed on to the other side.  What can I say... She just one of the nicest people I've ever corresponded with.  Sadly, she passed away in 2008.  I hope to meet her again, sooner or later.  Her site continues.

The Family of Light Network is active in the British Isles, focusing on channeling and spiritual health issues.  They recently opened The Centre for Progressive Healing in Devon.  

The Ghost Club.  Simply the oldest paranormal research organization inside Great Britain or outside of it.  And GREAT people!

Irish Ghosts and Legends.  There are a lot of things of interest in this website from the Emerald Isle

Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page  Official site of alt.folklore.ghost-stories faq; includes over 500 ghost stories since 1993 and an excellent collection of paranormal links.




After Death Experiences or ADC has it's own researchers.

Ghoststudy.com Their website has an interesting mix of true  ghost stories, paranormal theory and scientific enquiry.

The Skeptic's Dictionary  Incredible collection of skeptical definitions and essays of the paranormal; with search engine.

Parapsychology FAQ   A good introduction to the field; collaborated by the scientists and scholars of the PA  


Alternative/Old/Neo-Old religions

Gabreael is a psychic who traces her beliefs to the many old works and beliefs.

The Hermetic Fellowship Website is a northwest based group who are exploring some of the oldest religions in Europe and Asia.



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