Personal Appearances

I am available for public appearances either as a kind of celebrations and parties of people interested in the paranormal, or for educational events with ghost hunter groups in the Pacific Northwest.  If you are interested, please contact me.

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Please visit the Ghost Walks portion of this page for information on my Spirit Tours ghost walk of the Vancouver Barracks.  I will be conducting these walks on weekends, from 1 June through 31 October, 2018.


From 23 - 25 March, I will be at the Oregon Ghost Conference, in Seaside, Oregon

3 November 2017,  I will be selling books at the Ladybug Bazaar at Battle Ground High School.

10 November 2017, I will be selling books at the Mountain View High School Christmas Bazaar.  

17 November 2017,  I will be at Cascade Middle School Christmas Bazaar.

24 November 2017, I will be selling books at the Prairie High School Christmas Bazaar.  The school is located at 11311 NE 119th St, Vancouver, WA.

1 December 2017, I will be at the Hockinson High School Bazaar selling books.



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PAST MEDIA EVENTS you might be interested in:


Youtube Channel

I have participated in some interesting, and less interesting projects over the past few years.  I have some links on this website to some very low resolution videos here on this website.  I have had some feedback from folks wanting larger images, especially of the firewalk.  So please visit my selection on Youtube  If the link does not work, my profile is named:  ghostguy01.  I have about a dozen videos posted on a variety of subjects.  They include:

Why Firewalk?

Visit Bruce and Brandon Lee's Graves

The Spouting Horn Restaurant in Depoe Bay

Gravity Hill near Prosser, WA

Visit to Stonehenge in the Gorge

Weird Washington Greetings

Interviews on Weird Washington


Television Appearances

The History Channel used to have a weekly series on ghosts of America Called HAUNTED HISTORY. I was a consultant for an episode on the Pacific Northwest.  My episode is entitled Haunted History: Northwest.  This airs periodically.  Unfortunately the series is no longer in production and they show the episodes as filler.  


In  2011, the Travel Channel show, Dead Files contacted me.  They were interested in some of the ghostly history of Vancouver's Esther Short Park.  The episode was called, Final Curtain Call and aired in 2012.  You can see the entire episode on Youtube.  I have also included a small video file of my appearance on the show.  Pardon the low quality.


Click the image link to view Final Curtain Call


In 2014, I again appeared as a historical consultant for the Dead Files, when they investigated a haunted farmhouse in Independence, Oregon.  The episode aired in 2015, and was called, House of Mirrors.  


Click the image link to view House of Mirrors


In 2015, I appeared on the Dead Files for the third time, in Concrete, Washington in an episode called The Whispering.  It is not possible to find a link to the entire episode at this time.

Click the image link to view an excerpt of The Whispering



On 15 May, 2014, I was a guest on the television-live streaming television show Paranormal Crossings, hosted by my friends Aaron Collins and Elise Wells.  Here is a link to the youtube episode.  



Fire Walk 2015 with Aaron Collins and other friends



I participated in a panel discussion for Paranormal Crossings, which aired on Halloween 2015



Radio Appearances

On Saturday 24 May, I was a guest on Coast to Coast AM.  This was the longest radio broadcast I have ever done.  For those of you not familiar with Coast to Coast AM, this is Art Bell's radio program, revamped and renewed since his retirement.  If you are interested in listening to the broadcast, the radio program saves them as streaming audio.  You have to subscribe for around $7 a month to do downloads.


Above is an interview I did with Washington Public Broadcasting about my firewalking

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