I have been receiving emails from people living in haunted houses or visiting haunted places for several years.  Most websites on ghosts do have a section of ghost stories from site visitors.  I have always meant to include a section asking for stories and posting them where everyone can read them.  This is not as easy a job as it sounds.  Most webmasters devote a lot of time to reformatting text messages into html, and occasionally having to add punctuation, spelling checks, etc.  Every so often,  they have to content with computer viruses, mailed from non-believers.

Since I am leaving the northwest, I won't be able to visit new haunted places myself and update the site with my own experiences.  Because I do want to keep this site current with new and interesting information for visitors, I will begin posting stories from my archives.  At the same time, I am looking for new posts from visitors. 

By clicking on the picture below, you should be able to send me an email with your story.  Please let me know if you want your email address included.  Otherwise I will assume that you want your identity  to be kept anonymous.  I cannot promise to post every story, and will probably post new stories every month or so, depending on the work/world situation, so please be patient with me.  Most readers are interested in knowing which state or city you are from and any other information that gives a feel for your haunted place.



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