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Mt Baker Theatre
This restored 1927 theater is haunted by Judy.  She has called out names of theater employees and others have heard the rustle of her skirt.





Olympic Club
Club built on site of apartment fire where a man died.  Also involved in events of Armistice Day Massacre.  The Olympic Club is now a McMenamins hotel as well as pub.  The ghost has been seen, heard, felt.

 Man Drowned by Salmon
In the 1940s Harry Koher was spearing salmon at the foot of Cowlitz falls.  He speared a large salmon, which in it's struggle to be free, pulled Koher into the river.  Both were recovered, dead from the river.  The salmon weighed 65 pounds.






Everett Theatre
The theater seems to be haunted by the ghost of an old-tyme theater hand.

King of the Equator
Robert Louis Stevenson may haunt this ship, now in dry dock at the Port of Everett.  Strange lights seen, noises heard.





Train Station
Ghost train seen carrying spirits of dead.





St. Martin's College
Ghost of old Monk seen.  Radio turned on by itself and ghostly noises heard.






Ike Kinswa State Park

The park contains a cemetery with the remains of several Native Americans who were moved from their original cemetery by the construction of a nearby dam.  Descendents captured smoky images in photographs during a visit.

St. Helens Manor House
Female owner or daughter may haunt former residence, now a B&B.  Doors slam, ghost noises, very active ghosts and a good breakfast!





The Bigelow House Museum
The ghost of Daniel Bigelow has been seen by his descendents in the house turned museum.

The Capitol Theater
This 1924 era theater may be haunted by the spirit of a janitor killed in an explosive.  The past owners doubt this.

Governor's Mansion
Ghost of little boy in blue sailor suit seen here in the past.

Seven Gables Restaurant
Former Mayor’s residence, haunted by ghost of old man, presence felt throughout building.

The State Theater
A poltergeist manifested itself here during a recent remodel.




Orcas Island

The Rosario Resort
The ghost of Alice Rheem haunts her old bedroom.  People have reported erotic sounds coming from the empty room at night as well as invisible footsteps across the lobby floors.




Port Townsend

Fort Worden State Park
Former military post now a state park.  There are two residences haunted by past occupants.

Holly Hill House B&B
Past resident Billy Hill haunts his old bedroom in this picturesque old house.  Some guests claim to have had long conversations with his ghost.

Manresa Castle
Mansion, seminary, school and now a hotel.  There are several ghosts, including a girl who fell to her death from a tower window.  A priest who hung himself in the top of the tower and other spirits walk the halls at night.

Point Wilson Lighthouse
The lighthouse may soon be part of Fort Worden, currently it is closed.  People have seen a shade entering the locked lighthouse as well as felt one in the light keepers residence.





Greenwood Memorial Park Museum
There is no ghost, but Jimi Hendrix is buried here.




Roche Harbor

The Hotel de Haro
The McMillin family secretary Ada Beane is active in the gift shop and dining room, which used to be her cottage.  Other people report seeing the McMillin family seated around their family crypt.





Aurora Bridge
Also known as suicide bridge, people have seen past suicides recreating their last dive. 

Avenue One Restaurant now the Cha Bar Thai Restaurant
One the home of Fine French Bistro and relaxed dining.  Starting in early 2003 it became the Cha Bar, serving Thai Cuisine.   Diners may not realize that they are sitting in the chapel of one of Seattle's early mortuaries.  I hope that the new owners get along with the ghosts as well as their past ones did.

Baltic Room
A male and female ghost have been seen at this South Hill club.

Claremont Hotel
A couple staying in one of the rooms both saw the apparition of a woman in their room recently.

College Inn Pub
An old favorite of U of Washington Students.  Does the piano play on it's own?

The Crocodile Cafe'
Do past customer's still remain here?.

Doc Maynard's
The starting point for the Underground Tours was haunted by a ghost that didn’t like music.

Georgetown Castle
Former brothel, now artist’s co-op.  Female ghost seen and heard.

Glen Acres Golf Course
Older haunting by shaman, at golf course, which may have been built over sacred site

Harvard Exit Theater
Former women’s club.  Furniture re-arranged and woman’s ghost seen by former manager.

Kell's Irish Pub
This Irish style pub used to be the embalming room for one of Seattle's oldest mortuary's.

Kinnear Park
In the 1920s visitors were frightened by by the disembodied sound of a baby crying.

Lake View Cemetery
Bruce and Brandon Lee are both buried here.

Mayflower Park Hotel
In 1997, three sets of guests complained of a presence in Room 1120.

The Moore Theatre
Past owner fired employees who were conducting séances there after hours.  He later heard heavy breathing from an unseen visitor.

The Neptune Theater
A woman's ghost has been seen in the lobby.  Workers in the backstage have smelled tobacco smoke when no one is smoking.

The OK Hotel & Cafe
The entire building was hit hard by the earthquake a couple of years ago.  It is now vacant, and framed with steal girders and concrete buttresses.  Unfortunately, the ghosts in the upper floors may not have long to exist there.

Pike Place Market
Three different ghosts (at least) haunt the various levels of the market.  An old Native American woman, a boy and an African American man.

Seattle's South OPNS Base
Maintenance worker killed during construction of the facility has been seen. 

Sit & Spin Laundromat
The ghost of former Lt. Governor, Vic Meyers, may haunt this club and Laundromat.

Seattle's Underground Tour
The ghost of a former bank guard, or man dressed in formal wear has been seen.

The Wing Luke Museum
In the past religious objects from conflicting theologies were placed together in the same case, which cracked.





The Lamplighter Inn
Former owner, Louie may still stay late playing pool at his beloved restaurant.





The Iron Goat Trail
Is located some distance from Skykomish.  The old railroad town of Wellington witnessed the crash of a train in an avalanche in 1910.  People claim that they can hear the ghostly sounds of the avalanche and crash of the train into the ravine below. 

The Skykomish Hotel
I do not know if it is still open year round, but the upper floor of the hotel is haunted by the ghost of a prostitute named Rose.






The Cabbage Patch Restaurant
The ghost of Sybill Sibley, a ghostly girl haunts this old converted house.  She's called employees names at times.  Other times people have heard dishes braking in the upstairs lounge, only to find everything in order.   

Oxford Saloon
Ghosts include a police officer, prostitute and a haunted doll in the 2nd floor antique store.  The basement also has resident spirits perhaps dating to an old knifing or wandering in from the gully behind the bar.

Snohomish Public Library
an old librarian may still be shelving books here.  Check out the ghost cam.





Bair Drug Store
Drugstore now open as museum and restaurant.  Electrical appliances continue to activate on their own.

E. R. Rogers Restaurant
Former residence and rooming house.  Ghosts have been seen ascending invisible stair case.

Roving Ghost
Albert Balch, a “Lunatic” may walk the streets of Steilacoom on nights of the full moon.  It may also be J M Bates, a convicted murder.





Fort Nisqually
Located in Point Defiance State Park, Fort Nisqually is a replica, based up on archaeological surveys from the original site.  Two of the buildings are from the original fort.  They brought the ghost of former Hudson's Bay Company employee Edward Huggins.

Freighthouse Square
Former Railroad Station, now shops.  Former pet shop haunted by ghost of ticket agent, objects moved at night.

McCormick Wheelock Library
Ghost of elderly woman seen, objects moved late at night

Old Tacoma City Hall
Bell tower and elevators haunted as well as visits by “Gus” at the Tacoma Bar and Grill.

Pierce County Courthouse
Upper floors of this old building may be haunted by prisoners executed there in the past.

The Roxy Theater
Formerly the Pantages theater.  It seems unlikely that Klondike Kate haunts this theater, but there is a ghost on stage.

Temple Theater
Former Masonic Grand Lodge.  Elevator haunted by former worker, theater ghost seen and felt.

Tacoma Art Museum
When this museum was a series of business offices in the Stock Market Crash of 1929  a failed banker shot himself in his third story office.  He still haunts the third floor.

Thornewood Castle
Is actually located south of Tacoma.  It was constructed from materials collected from European manors and churches.  There are several historic ghosts here.  Scenes from the movie Rose Red were filmed here.

Washington Historical Museum
Museum now moved, many hauntings including ghosts from Lincoln exhibit and mummy case.




Whidbey Island


Captain Whidbey Inn
This log cabin style inn was built in 1909.  A ghostly woman has been seen in the hallways and the paths leading to the nearby bungalows.

Meerkerk Gardens
Max and Ann Meerkerk founded their Rhododendron gardens in the 1960s.  They still remain.  Max's cigar smoke has been smelled at odd times and Ann's things have been rearranged at times.






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