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Raining Salamanders
Early in the 20th Century a schoolgirl found herself in a shower of salamanders.




Lacamas Lake
The “Gush-Gush” monster has been heard in this shallow, man-made lake.

Riverside Lanes
A bowling alley that was built on top of an Indian burial ground  People hear chants for the dead at night. 




Chelatchie Prairie

Tum Tum Mountain
Native American sacred site, and possible resting place of murdered Chief Umtuch.  I have not confirmed this, but someone told me that the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) clear-cut the old forest that grew on the top of the mountain.




Columbia City

Charles Green Caples House Museum
This pioneer house has been turned into a museum.  People have seen a depression as of a body, in an empty bed.  Globes of light have also been captured on film.




Forest Grove

The Bugle Blower?
Folklore talks about an old time hunter who was attacked in the hills.  He may still blow his alarm horn.  How many woods are there around Forest Grove?

Knight's Hall
The music department of the local university may be haunted by a singing ghost.

The Grand Lodge
Former Orphanage and Masonic Lodge is now a McMenamin's B&B.  The gift shop is haunted.  How many rooms?  There is a ghost log book at the front desk.  They also stock my books!!!





Cornelius Roadhouse
Former mansion now a McMenamin’s club.  There may be real or created ghosts here.





Duffy's Restaurant
I have no details of this supposed haunting..

Dundee Woman's Club
I have no details of this supposed haunting..

Hotel Oregon
Famous for it's annual UFO celebration and the ghost of a former gentleman guest named John.

Tabitha Brown's Orphanage
Building haunted by former children residents.




Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant Grange
A couple stopping to read a historical sign there saw and felt the presence of many spirits.




Mt. St Helens

Ape Canyon
Site of 1924 Bigfoot attack on miners.



Oregon City

Captain Phillips Bungalow
Is located across the street from the Forbes Barclay and McLoughlin houses.  It is not open to the public.  It is haunted by the ghost of a the builder, who died while stoking the furnace in the basement.  He has been quieter since the house was turned into offices.

Ermatinger House
Built in 1845 by Francis Ermatinger.  Moved to it's present location. It is owned by the McLoughlin Memorial Association who put on historic teas.  The spirits here have a tendency to move displays around.

Forbes Barclay House
Forbes Barclay was one of the earliest medical Doctors in the Northwest.   It is next to the McLoughlin House and operated as a gift shop by the McLoughlin Memorial Association.  Some of his patients and perhaps his son, who died in infancy haunt the back rooms of the house.

McLoughlin  House
Was built by John McLoughlin after he retired from the Hudson's Bay Company.  It was also moved to it's present location.  It is operated as a museum by the McLoughlin Memorial Association.  His ghost along with several other people and animals have been seen here.

Oregon City Elevator
Oregon City has several different levels of construction.  There is an elevator near the McLoughlin House.  The ghost of a young boy wearing an old fashioned suit and red hair has been seen near the elevator.   He may be the ghost of  Forbes Barclay's son, who died in infancy haunt the back rooms of the house.

Oregon City History might be interesting reading.





Accuardi's Old Town Pizza
Some people report a ghostly woman standing in  the balcony overlooking the bar.  They also make their own Italian sausage for their pizzas!  But they do not   DO NOT like talking about ghost!!!

The Bacchus Wine Bar & Cafe'
This is another place that I have not had time to investigate.  Anyone have a story to share?

Bagdad Theater
Theater haunted by stage hand who may have committed suicide behind the movie screen.

The Benson Hotel
One of Portland's Premiere old hotels, Some guests and employees reported seeing a mysterious figure walking down the stairs into the lobby.

The Simon Benson House
Vacant for decades, after this house was moved to the Portland State University campus some workmen reported strange doings.  The house's foundation give free tours, donations gratefully accepted.

Cathedral Park
City park under St. John’s Bridge.  Haunted by ghost of young girl killed in the 1940s.

Crystal Ballroom
Dancehall and club.  Ghost have been seen and heard here.  Elevator moves on its own.

The Elephant and Castle Pub
Decorated as an English pub, the Elephant and Castle is located in a building that was owned by the Portland Tong Triad in the 19th Century.  The original owner may still "sit" in his favorite barstool.  The current owner found an opium scale in the basement.

The Governor  Hotel
I have absolutely no information about this place.  Someone said it was haunted.  Anyone know anything?

Granada Court Apartments
Apartment haunted by ghost of little boy, seen and heard.

The Heathman Hotel
This hotel may be haunted by two suicides.  Objects are moved in locked hotel rooms.

John Palmer House
Former residence, now a B&B, this building is haunted by the ghost of a silent female ghost.

Kell's Irish Pub
People have reported a ghostly fireman in the basement, which is fitting, since that's where the smoking room is located.

Kennedy School
Former school, now McMenamin’s Restaurant, B&B.  Possible suicide in former schoolroom. Another possible spirit haunts the ladies bathroom near the pub area. 

Lloyd Center
Former maintenance worker seen near the Nordstrom’s escalator.  A second ghost was reported in the women's bathroom near the escalator

The Money Tree
Located at the corner of North Killingsworth and Mississippi. A murder victim used to hide his money near the tree.  His ghost still periodically manifests itself to check on his "stash". 

North Portland Library
Located on Killingsworth.  The ghost of an old man has been seen by workers, on a security monitor.  He is sitting on a chair in the second floor, which is usually kept locked.  When they investigated, he was gone.  People outside the library are sometimes followed by invisible footsteps. 

Pied Cow Coffee House
Former residence, now an eclectic business, the upper stories may be haunted by an old resident.  The current owners are skeptical.

Pittock Mansion
Mansion of Newspaper publisher, restored as museum.  Pittock and wife seen and heard by visitors, windows open, things moved.

Portland Airport
In the 1970s, an airplane using parts from Flight 401 had paranormal incidents at the airport.

Portland Underground Tours
The Cascade Geographic Society runs tours of the old tunnel system that runs underneath west Portland's oldest buildings.  Originally built to haul freight from the ships to waterfront stores and warehouses during the day, at night it was the haunt of Shanghaiers and the "under" economy.  There are several places with sinister and ghostly stories attributed to them. 

The Rimsky Korsakov Coffee House 
Employees have told me that this place is haunted, but to ask the owner for details.  She never returns my calls.  I do love the "ghost" coming through the ceiling in the bathroom.

The Rose and Raindrop
Formerly Digger O'Dells, it was also a mortuary.  The help and some customers reported banging and clanging in the kitchen.  The manager is skeptical though.

The St John's Theatre
Located in the St. John's Neighborhood, this theater seems to partake in some of the alternate reality all theater's have. 

Shanghai Tunnel Bar
This interesting pub is located in the basement of one of Portland's older buildings.  There are several bricked up "Shanghai" tunnel entrances meeting in the basement spaces.    The ghosts of some of the kidnapped sailors who traveled through here may cause some of the cold spots felt here.

University of Portland
Many ghosts haunt the residences and grounds: a drowned student, Indian Shaman and a farmer who refused to sell his land to the Jesuits.

The Virginia Cafe
Walking into the Virginia Cafe is like stepping back into a 1950s Bar & Grill.  The Virginia Cafe survived the Depression by serving a shady clientele in the old "Tenderloin District".  No ghosts have been seen, but a manager reported feeling a presence here.

White Eagle Cafe
Bar and boarding house since the 1850s.  Myths and historical facts are mixed, but the ghosts are very active here.  There's a new happening every few months, it seems.

The Portland Visitor's Association may be able to provide information on many local haunts




Edgefield Poorhouse
Very active ghosts, including cats, people, moving objects, haunt every floor of these buildings, which is now a McMenamin’s B&B. 




The Academy
Former Catholic school, now wedding chapel, craft shops and restaurant.  Ghostly student seen, Nuns footsteps are heard in attic late at night.  Mother Joseph is also seen.  The restaurant on the north side of the Academy is also haunted. 

Casa Grande Restaurant
Former residence has seen much tragedy and pain.  From an "accidental" killing to a story of unrequited love in WWII when it was a a boarding house.

Clark County Historical Museum
Former Carnegie Library, now a museum, the basement rooms have strange happenings.

The Hidden House
Former residence, now restaurant.  Doors locked, singing heard in an empty building.

The Interstate Bridge
In the Autumn people have seen the ghost of a tall man wearing a top hat walking across the bridge.  Possibly it is the ghost of one of Vancouver's past mayors, who was found hung in a tree in Hayden Island.

Kiggins Theater
The attic spaces and seating area are haunted by noisy ghosts and apparitions.

Pearson Air Museum
The museum display area is haunted.  Possibly it is one of the combat airplanes on dislpay?

Silver Star Mountain
East of Vancouver is Silver Star Mt., site of several pits excavated in hillside, for hunting or vision quests.

The Slocum House
The ghost of one of the original Slocum family haunts this community theater.

St. John's Road
A 19th Century ghost drives his buggy down this very old road.




Vancouver Barracks

Building 614, Post Hospital
Oldest portion of hospital built in 1880s.  Noises captured on tape, objects move, electric appliances malfunction, presences felt. Scary.

Building 638
Former Post Headquarters.  Apparitions seen by many people, footsteps heard.

Building 721, The Auditorium
Auditorium built on Catholic cemetery, bones found in basement.  Footsteps, presences, exorcism performed by Indian Shaman.

Building 875, The Howard House
This was the residency of former Post Commander, O. O. Howard.  The spirits are still active, despite extensive remodels.

Building 987
Troop Barracks.  Ghost of woman seen by psychic.  It was later found out that the building was built on top of the old Catholic cemetery.

Building 989
Troop Barracks.  Attic door frequently found open.  Footsteps heard following people in attic.

Building 991
Turn of Century Post Headquarters.  Ghost heard walking from 2nd floor, down stairs and outside.  Witnessed by 2 separate military units.

A ghostly sentry haunts the Gazebo and surrounding parade grounds.

Grant House
Military Residence now used as a restaurant and gift shop.  Presence and footsteps. 

The Key Building
Military Residence now used as a business office.  Footsteps and a presences.

Windemere Realty
Military Residence now used as business office.  A nanny haunts this building,  Lights and electrical appliances are affected, doors open.




West Linn

West Linn Paper Co.
The basement of the old paper mill is haunted by the voices of former workers.



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