The Columbia River

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Carson, WA

Carson Hot Springs Hotel
Turn of the century hotel haunted by ghosts of original builder and his wife.


Cape Horn, WA

Washington State Highway 14
People driving across Cape Horn have suffered many accidents. One couple drove through an apparition.




Goldendale, WA

Hanged Man's Curse
In 1888 Henry Timmerman was hung for murder.  He cursed the town and claimed it would burn to prove he was innocent.  In three months the town burned to the ground.

Horsethief Lake State Park
A Native American sacred site that attracts modern worshippers.

World War I monument, now a park and religious center for New Agers and Druids.




Hood River, OR

Hood River Hotel
Built in 1913, the hotel lobby or elevator may be haunted.  No definite stories yet.


The Hood River area has some interesting places to stay and see.



Mt Pleasant, WA

Mt Pleasant Grange Hall
Visitors have seen and felt the spirits of earlier pioneers around the Grange Hall.

Mt. Pleasant School House
Now a private residence, the old schoolhouse has a ghost that usually appears as a pair of disembodied eyes on holidays.




Mt St Helen's, WA

Ape Canyon
In the early 1900s a group of miners claimed to have been attacked by a family of Sasquatchs.

Native American Guardian
A hiker encountered the spirit of a Native American Guardian on the road leading to Mt. St Helen's

Ted Bundy
According to stories, Serial Killer Ted Bundy's ashes were spread over the Washington Cascades after he was executed.  No ghosts associated with this, but it is still a gruesome thought.




Trout Lake, WA

Footprints in Lava
The Forest Service Ranger Station has a plaster cast of footprints made in the hot lava that cooled and formed the floor of a nearby lake. The ghost of an Indian Maiden has been seen at the lake.




Troutdale, OR

The Edgefield Poorhouse
This was the Multnomah County Poorhouse, now a McMenamin's hotel and brewery.  There are many haunted rooms here associated with the poorhouse inmates.



Welches, OR

The Old Welches Inn
William Welches built the Inn in 1890 as the first summer resort on Mt. Hood.  There are several ghosts there, including three spirits carrying their love triangle into the next life.  Spirits still active in 2001.



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