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Streeter Hall, EWU
University Residence Hall, haunted by unknown force, strange smells and sounds heard.





Bridge Ghost
The ghost of a grieving father haunts the bridge leading to the old town of Hanford.  He drowned his children there.

Radioactive Heron?
In the mid-1990s Tri-City residents saw a pink flamingo living in the Hanford Hills.




Baby Graves
Just outside of Pasco is an old farmhouse and family graveyard with several children buried there.  People claim to have seen some of their ghosts at night.  The landowner, who is very much alive does not like visitors!

Yellepit Railroad Ghost
Train engineers heading east of Pasco have seen the ghost of a woman reliving a tragedy along the train tracks.




Cameo Catering and Event Facility
Former Oddfellow's Lodge and now a commercial event facility.  The ghost of a past member or members hangs out in the billiard room. Another spirit is detected by the smell of sweat and body odor.

Chuck Wagon Restaurant
USA Today carried a story about a couple who ate breakfast at a restaurant named the Chuck Wagon at bargain prices.  When they returned with friends, the restaurant was not there.

Ft. George Wright Historical Museum
Former military museum.  May be haunted by ghosts of former residents.  Museum doll display also haunted.

Monaghan Hall, Gonzaga University
Former residence, now music dept. building.  Objects move, strange music heard, exorcism performed but not successful. 

Patsy Clark's Restaurant
Former mansion, now the ghost of a young woman haunts restaurant.  Bones were found in the basement.

South Hill Mansion
Mansion of former quack Doctor Rudolph Hahn.  His wife committed suicide by shooting herself in her bed.  She "missed" several times before she finally shot herself in the head.  Ghostly figures and hidden rooms where Hahn performed abortions.  Not open to the public.

Spokane Civic Theater
A ghost haunts the stage and wings of this fairly new theater.

Spokane Tech. University
Footsteps heard by different people.  Objects moved.

Street Corner of Garland & Cedar
Two people encountered a strange, moving cloud of negative energy on two separate nights in 1995.



Walla Walla

Walla Walla Farmhouse
Several years ago two sisters encountered the flying ghost of a pioneer woman in an abandoned farmhouse west of Walla Walla.




Old Wallula Town Site
Original town site now under reservoir but many strange stories were told about the town.


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