Central Washington

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Burial Ground Near Ellensburg
Indian Shaman and archaeologist saw apparition of guardian at burial site.

Corner of Pine Street & 7th
Father and son killed by lynch mob at this street corner.  Cold presence felt.

Kamola Hall, Central Washington University
University Residence Hall, haunted by ghost of former student who committed suicide, maybe.

Lynch Building
110 year old building now used as hair salon and boutiques.  Presence felt, things moved.  Exorcism performed.





A few miles east of Skykomish a 1910 railroad disaster is repeated many times

Skykomish Hotel
A murdered prostitute haunts portions of this 28 room hotel.





Capitol Theater
Theater is still haunted by the ghost of an old stagehand.  Electronic malfunctions, doors open and cold spots.

Federal Building
William O. Douglas Federal Building.  Footsteps have been heard on upper floors.

KNDX Radio
Former radio station haunted by invisible ghost.

Police Station
Police station built on site of old Armory.  Sounds of soldiers talking, marching.  Unknown if haunting continue in new building.




Lake Okanagon

A lake “critter” has been seen many times at Lake Okanagan.



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