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Baker City

Geiser Grand Hotel
Once the finest hotel east of Portland, the Geiser Grand is haunted by several ghostly women and the walls shake with ghost parties. 




Pendleton Arts Center
This building was once the Umatilla County Library.  The ghost of a woman who may have committed suicide in the basement haunts this building.

Pendleton Underground Tours  

Since 1989 the Pendleton Underground Tours group began giving tours of historic Pendleton's seamy underground, which included brothels, opium dens and hidden shops.  No confirmed stories of ghosts, but some rumors.


The Pendleton Chamber of Commerce is also interested in having people take the underground tour.  They may also have some other haunts to talk about.





Giant Snake
A giant snake was seen in 1924, possibly released from traveling carnival





Crooked River Railroad
The Crooked River Railroad Company runs a historic locomotive for tourists, out of Redmond.  One of the cars is haunted.  This can add confusion when they have a "murder mystery" train trip.




Morelli's B&B
19th Century country home turned into a B&B.  Guests have heard footsteps and seen orbs in their digital photographs.

Shaniko Schoolhouse
 The 19th century Shaniko Schoolhouse is still inhabited by some of the original students




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