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The Theater Royal
Was built in the 1950s, on the site of the original theater, which was built in the 1860s.  It still retains its thespian ghosts.  A well dressed man, in tie and tails has been seen in the wings of stage left.  A female dancer mysteriously appeared and disappeared on stage in the 1980s.





The Gallery at Ceperly
This building was made as a private residence and also served as monastery, fraternity house and religious cult colony.  All the past occupants seem to have left something behind.  

Hart House Restaurant
A discrete feminine ghost inhabits this former Mansion.  The Grandfather clock near the entrance chimes at odd times.  Even though it has not worked for years.  





Chilliwack City Hall
The ghost of an opium smoking Chinese man has been seen in the hallways of the old City Hall.

Ghostly Portrait
In the 1960s a family moved into a haunted house on Williams street.  The wife painted the picture of the resident ghost, which seemed to change over time.  The house was destroyed a few years later in a fire.  Did the ghosts remain?





Burquitlam Funeral Parlor
A male specter haunts the funeral parlor.  Strangely enough, he dates to the time before the building was converted into its present uses.

Riverview Hospital
Sometimes used as a set for the X-Files television show.  This mental hospital has numerous apparitions floating down its halls.

Tombstone Walkway
In the 1980s, the owners of a four-plex apartment building decided to improve their property by adding a stone walkway.  They purchased a bunch of worn stones, which turned out to be tombstones taken from an old children's cemetery.  The children moved in and created some interesting poltergeist effects. The stones were removed and the haunting stopped.





Tombstone Walkway
In the 1980s, the owners of a four-plex apartment building decided to improve their property by adding a stone walkway.  They purchased a bunch of worn stones, which turned out to be tombstones taken from an old children's cemetery.  The children moved in and created some interesting poltergeist effects. The stones were removed and the haunting stopped.




New Westminster

Irving House Museum
Captain William Irving built this house for his family in 1862.  It was owned by the family until the 1950s.  His ghost may be sleeping in his old bed. It still has the ghostly imprint of a body at times.  Footsteps are also heard in the upper floors.

Met Hotel
Three ghosts haunt this hotel.  One is George, a long-time resident who died in his room.  The second and third ghosts are an elderly couple who have been seen on the 4th floor and in the elevator.  They exude a sense of peace when they are present.

Royal Westminster Regiment Armory Museum
This building complex is still used by the Canadian military as well as reserving space for a museum haunted by the spirits of past soldier.

The Station Keg Restaurant
A tired ghost haunts the basement of this converted railway station.  It has made it into the main dining room where employees have heard their names called before opening hours

Vancouver Art Gallery
Once the city courthouse.  it is haunted by the ghost of a murdered immigration officer.  He's felt and heard in the basement levels.   




Port Moody

Jake's Crossing
The owners like to publicize their ghost.  Slim Kirkpatrick and his dog still hang around the basement where the old janitor used to live.  He or another male ghost have also been seen in the lounge.  Bottles are knocked off of the bar and other poltergeist activity follows.




Craigflower Schoolhouse
This is one of the oldest surviving school buildings in British Columbia.  It was built for children of the Hudson's Bay Company.  It is now a museum.  The haunting began during renovations when several skeletons were unearthed.  They stopped for a while when the bones were reburied.  The haunting began again in the last decade or so. 




Valdez Island

Ghostly Shaman
In the 1960s a reporter spent the night at a haunted beach on Valdez Island.  He awakened to see the ghost of a Native American shaman dancing on the beach.  




Vancouver BC

Bridge House Restaurant
Located in the old Capilano Bridge Keeper's home in North Vancouver.  The ghost of Elizabeth Mac Eachran keeps order here.  She sometimes follows servers as well as moves things on tables occasionally.  

Haunted Street Corner
A ghostly hitchhiker haunts the vicinity of Blanca and University Ave.  The place where she was killed by a hit and run driver.  She usually flags down cars and asks for a ride. 

Hotel Vancouver
Vancouver BC's most elegant hotel.  The ghost of an upper class woman has been seen on the 14th floor as well as in the lobby near the elevators.  She has sometimes ordered people out of her seat.  The staff are a little reluctant to talk about her. 

Mandarin Gardens
There used to be large house converted into a night club in Vancouver's China town. The spirit was heard laughing and people felt something touch them.  It disappeared when the building was torn down.  A bank now stands on the same site. 

The Old Spaghetti Factory
It's hard to tell where urban legend ends and the paranormal begins here.  A red haired man has accosted women in the restroom and a shadowy figure has appeared in photographs of an empty trolley car inside the restaurant.

Purple Onion
A previous owner reported hearing his name called and candles being lit when he arrived in the morning.

Railway Yard Ghost
Some time ago a brakeman working at the rail yard was beheaded in an accident.  He still haunts the vicinity. 

Vancouver General Hospital Burn Unit
The burn unit, in Room 415 of this hospital is haunted by the ghost of patient who died there in 1975.  He used to flush the toilets and turn on the radio.  It was active until the burn unit was moved.  

Vogue Theater
Three or four ghosts haunt the theater.  They are located near the Orchestra pit and in the basement/dressing rooms.





Barbary Banjo restaurant
Here is a puzzler.  I have not been able to find this restaurant.  It was haunted by a poltergeist who used to throw furniture and crockery around. It also played with the lights and drank some of the liquor at night.  If anyone knows where this restaurant is, please let me know.   email Jeff 

I received the following reply in March 2003 from Mr. Edward Brown.:

The Banjo was a popular nightclub in Victoria from about 1969 to '71/72(?) and was located in the basement of a restored office building in Bastion Square. The Banjo was home to the New Vaudeville Band, an English group that had a gold record and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. I worked there as a bartender/waiter for a year in my youth and still have fond memories of the place. As the nightclub was open till 230 staff often stayed later to unwind and on occasion may have accounted for the reports of activity in the middle of the night. I don't recall that anyone thought it was haunted at the time.

He said that he was going to be visiting Victoria in the near future and would look for the address.  I hope to hear soon.

Bradford Regency Hotel
This hotel has had a mixed history and presently is upgraded to modern standards.  The ghost has been seen and felt in the old dining room.  "Lady" Churchill haunts her old room.  She leaves behind the scent of her perfume.

Camille's Restaurant
was opened in the offices of the Victorian Law Chambers.  The ghost or ghosts here are very active and detected by the smell of cigar smoke and perfume.   

Cherry Bank B&B Hotel
The Banquet Room used to be a suite and is haunted by the spirit of the woman who died there.  A girl ghost also haunts a different room.


Four Mile House

Was built over 150 years ago as a stage coach stop.  It is now a combination antique store and cafe.  A man has been seen wearing a 1940s era suit has been seen in the tea room space.  Someone is also heard stirring a cup of coffee in the mornings.  In an empty building.   

McPherson Theatre
Disembodied footsteps have been heard when this old theater is empty.  Chandeliers and lights have also been seen to swing and move on their own.

Olde England Inn

Built and run as a replica Shakespearean era Inn.  Some of the antiques used to furnish the rooms may have spirits of their own. 

Victoria Golf Course
The 7th Tee of the golf course is haunted by the spirit of a woman who was strangled on the golf course by her husband.  Her ghost has been active, at least until the late 1970s. 






Do you have a place to add or more information on a place that's already listed?

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